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As the Extremely Deranged Sarge-at-Large, The Sarge, along with Ethel "the Mistress of Mirth," and the Electronic Co-Host, produces and hosts an entertaining radio show for the American Radio Network's Kaleidascope Radio Magazine, airing every Friday at 9pm Pacific (see the first page for UTC time details) on a station called KTST, Tustin (Orange County), California.  The show broadcasts on the Internet at

Tom "the Extremely Deranged Sarge-at-Large" Show

Contrary to popular belief, Tom "the Extremely Deranged Sarge-at-Large" Murotake developed his unusual sense of humor LONG before entering that branch of the military which asked to remain unidentified.  He is a genuine Staff Sergeant with a reserve military component that has threatened to court-martial him if he identifies them publicly.

He has been an air talent and independent producer for the American Radio Network since 1997, moving to their Internet service in 1999.

From the day she entered the world, Ethel, "The Mistress of Mirth" Halpern knew that she was "outside of the box." At age 10, instead of running away from home to join the circus like all of the other kids her age were doing, she ran away from home to join a band of Gypsies. It was this group of people who discovered her great talent for the bizarre as well as playing "impractical" jokes on different members of the band. In a desperate attempt to prevent her from committing any more "impractical" jokes, as well as to protect their supply of crystal balls (since she was a little bit of a klutz back then), the band of Gypsies told her that she needed to find a "day job."

So, the Mistress of Mirth began her radio career as an independent producer and air talent for the American Radio Network in 1996, moving to their live Internet offering in 1999.

She "enlisted" with The Sarge in late-1999 and, after "boot camp," was sworn-in (and she sworn right back, only even worse) as co-hostess.  Ethel made her stand-up comic debut at the Hollywood Improv in May 2003, sharing the bill with Jerry Seinfeld and a host of fellow comics.

The Mistress of Mirth sometimes lays awake at night thinking, "Boy, I'll bet that if the band of Gypsies could see me now, they are probably kicking themselves."

Then again -- maybe they're not.

People consider The Sarge and The Mistress of Mirth a team on the order of Ben and Jerry, although friends who know them better consider them a team on the order of Tom and Jerry.  Listeners have favorably compared them to Burns and Allen.

Listen for yourself and see!

Gunning for Listeners

The Electronic Co-Host is the ONLY laptop computer in the history of radio to get fan mail.  For all you gearheads out there (no letters, please--The Sarge is one as well), it is an upgraded HP Pavilion ze4540us, with 2.4Ghz Intel Celeron processor,  512-mb RAM and a 40-gb hard-drive.  The "cart player" program used are Chuck Shramek Software's "SHRAM 95" and Ice Design's Radio Cart--an outstanding product -- for MP3's of music, commercials and skits.

If you are new to broadcasting and have an interest in knowing more of the technical mumbo-jumbo, drop The Sarge an e-mail and he will be happy to share the information with you directly.

The Electronic Co-Host can connect to any audio or PA system using a minimally-invasive connecting technique, making it ready, willing and able to join in any personal appearances as well.

The Electronic Co-Host!!!

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Ethel, Mistress of Mirth, JD, DJ, Famous Comedienne, Defender of the Defenseless, Protector of Rights, Righter of Wrongs, Recently-Registered Republican (having finally seen the light) and Nice Person