Murotake took the Taila-band rhetoric in stride. "I think the record speaks for itself. The al-Queso and Taila-band forces know they will be hunted down and destroyed wherever we find them. They made a mistake bringing unspeakable destruction to my coffee mug, and they are going down, I assure you. We are not here to talk -- there is no more negotiation. We're here to cut the cheese -- and let the cheddars fall where they may!"

Update - The Camp Roberts sheep have formed an unholy alliance with the al-Queso and Taila-band forces.

The sheep, already renown for their destructive abilities against grasses, are seen here attempting to eat the car of the Sarge-at-Large.

The car was totally devoured, however, no US personnel were injured.

The Camp Roberts Adventures--Murotake Declares Total War (cont. from previous page)

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