The Sarge often gives back to the communities that allowed him to hang his helmet in their town, from serving as a volunteer firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician, to service  with the California Army National Guard.

Sarge's Community Service

California Army National Guard

The Sarge is a bonafide Staff Sergeant and Medic with the California Army National Guard, where he has provided medical services during the Los Angeles Civil Disturbance of 1992 and the Northridge Earthquake of 1994, as well as numerous other smaller-scale missions.

He is presently with Headquarters, Camp Roberts, CA, where he serves as an Operations Sergeant.  He also often performs Public Affairs duties, providing recognition for the accomplishments of the Camp and its soldiers, and increasing public awareness of the Citizen-Soldiers that serve our Nation.

The Sarge has previously served as a Military Instructor for the Federal Youth Program's STAR Program, which brought educational enrichment opportunities to inner-city youth.  He also served as a Facility Manager for the Homeless Winter Shelter Program.

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The Sarge has served as a volunteer reader and frequent producer for "Hear and Now," a reading service for the "print-challenged" (persons who are visually-challenged and other persons unable to read, airing on the SAP (secondary audio program) channel of KOCE (PBS Channel 50). 

This was much more of a challenge than it might seem to read the paper aloud for an hour straight (it's a PBS station -- it doesn't have commercial breaks).

The Sarge's other community service activities have included medical work with the Share Our Selves Free Medical and Dental Clinic, Costa Mesa, CA, the Maryland City (Maryland) Volunteer Fire Department, and other efforts for a variety of charitable organizations.

Other Community Service

While he has numerous awards and commendations for his National Guard service, he has the most pride in his Humanitarian Service Medals for the Northridge Earthquake Relief Mission and El Nino Flood Response, his Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for reading for the print-challenged (see below), his California Commendation Medals for service with the Federal Youth Program and the Northridge Earthquake Relief Mission, and his Counter-Drug Ribbon for work in demand reduction services.