Exciting Off-Road Racing Action Shot by The Sarge!

I'm still working on this page, so forgive my dust and the undeveloped look!  But here's what you can find me working hard at on any given weekend!  Click on the hyperlink to see the gallery of my best pictures from that race (what -- you thought I was going to show you any BAD pictures from any race I've worked?)!

October 2003 -- Grand Canyon Marathon

(okay -- this one is all about me, taken by another photographer at this event -- but ya gotta love the view from up there -- I sure did!)

17 May 2003 -- Ridgecrest, California

26 April 2003 -- Pahrump, Nevada

5 April 2003 -- Barstow, California

22 February 2003 -- Adelanto, California, Grand Prix

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Grand Canyon Marathon--watch that first stepů it's a doosey!

2003 Quaker State Racing Calendar July Photo, shot at Primm, NV

2004 Toyota Motorsports Calendar November Photo, shot at Crandon, WI