Famous Actor!

Well, okay -- famous extra.  Okay, not-so-famous extra.  The Sarge is the original will-work-for-food guy -- and the studios feed pretty good!

The Sarge appeared as a soldier for both God and The Anti-Christ (and getting killed regardless of what side he was on) in Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 and as a Navy corpsman in an independent film Interview with the AssassinMegiddo is available on videotape now -- Interview opened at the Tribecca Film Festival in New York City in May 2002 -- and hasn't been heard from since.

He appeared in an episode of High Incident in its 96-97 season and in the backgrounds of HBO's Pentagon Wars.  The roles he played? Military -- what else?

The Sarge's Personal Information

The Sarge considers himself a "techno-tinkerer," working with (and breaking -- and usually correctly reassembling) little high-tech gadgets and gizmos.  But, he says with a leer, "I'm not a 'techno-crazy' and I enjoy doing things you will never get from a Pentium processor or a Mac."

For reasons which are probably obvious, The Sarge has chosen to remain single.  Besides, "I live a dangerous existence," he says.  "Nothing is safe or secure about the way I do things or the worlds I move in."

The Sarge has a very busy existence where only one thing is guaranteed -- no two days are ever alike.  Days can start at 0500 and not end until 0300 the following morning.  Besides having sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic, The Sarge is the original home of the hare-brained scheme -- and as good rabbits will do, they multiply.  So there is always something going on.

A computer, two laptops and a PDA (personal digital assistant), hooked together on a common network, are The Sarge's "staff."  The Sarge sadly laments that none of these devices has mastered sharing cleaning details with him, though.

Hey -- come to think of it -- maybe his computers are smarter than he thinks.

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Yes, I DO own civilian clothes!

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