What... there were MORE QUESTIONS?

Okay... here are answers to some FAQ's (frequently asked questions)

The Basics:

Physical: 5' 9", 170 lbs. (without "utility belt"), black hair, dark brown eyes.

Birth date: 30 July BT (Before Transistors)(meaning before the wide-spread use of transistors in electronics -- and, yes, there was such a time).  And if that doesn't help you, The Sarge is old enough that they don't card him for liquor purchases anymore, but not old enough to qualify for AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) membership.

"Now I got into a lively discussion with a dear friend about declining to state my age and how these little clues might be more irritating than intriguing," The Sarge says.  "My argument is that I'd rather not be considered on the basis on my age, seeing as I neither look -- nor often act -- my age.  But in deference to my friend's advice, the clues would make me somewhere between 37 and 50, and I check the 40-50 block on the warranty registration cards.  And if a number really matters, then ask and all shall be revealed."

In case you were interested in that sort of thing, The Sarge is a Leo.  Scorpio rising.  A courageous sneak -- yeah, that works!

Sex: "In case you were not able to divine it from the picture or just asked the question reflexively from spending too much time in chatrooms: not often enough to suit me, but more often than the average for my age.

"If you were asking in regard to orientation, the needle on my compass always points straight."

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The Strange, The Bizarre, The Unexpected:

An Interview with The Sarge

Are You a Cop or One of the Men In Black?: No, though it's not like I could tell you if I were.  And if I were and I told you that I was, then I'd have to kill you...  so maybe we'd better leave it at "no." But I am with the government -- and I am here to help...  and there are no weapons on my person at any time...  in the conventional sense, anyway...  well, most of the time, anyway.

As I Am So Fond of Saying: "Always trust your instincts--they will rarely lead you astray" (an original from one of my novels).  "Don't bother calling the authorities -- we ARE the authorities" (also from another one of my novels).  "Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!" (old Army saying).  "It's not the fall that hurts as much as that abrupt stop at the end" (another Army saying).  "Trust me -- I know what I'm doing!" (I am told I was saying this long before it was made popular in the TV-series Sledgehammer).  "I got a bad feeling about this" (Han Solo from the movie Star Wars).

Well, unarmed  MOST of the time, anyway!

What's with the Scrubs, Bub?:  I could say that among my many talents, I am a highly-skilled, trained medical professional, and we all wear scrubs--both of which would be pretty much true.  But the actual truth is that they are one of the most comfortable shirts I've ever worn, go great with the blue jeans I prefer to wear, and have a pocket for whatever I might want to toss in there.  They also wear like iron and it doesn't matter which way they go into -- or come out of -- the washer or dryer, which is a very valuable feature to someone who does his own laundry and has an annual clothing budget of $100.00.

My Idea of Fun: The Three Stooges, Monty Python, Benny Hill, Dave Allen (lesser known, but hysterically

funny British comedian), and any hysterically funny movie, no matter how inane (don't do dramas or sad movies-- if I wanted drama or sad stories in my life, I'd go back to driving an ambulance).  Mannheim Steamroller (you may ask "who?" but they are one of the few groups I will spend money to see, so they must be damn good), Moody Blues, Stevie Nicks (and the rest of Fleetwood Mac, too) and the Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Cat Stevens.  Traveling to far-off lands and meeting interesting people (and, contrary to what the t-shirt says, I don't kill them).  Traveling

Photo taken and carefully retouched by Sylvia Jack